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Cake Poker Online

Cake Poker online has quickly developed into in an industry leader and one of the top us poker sites. Cake Poker has developed innovative software that provides players with an enhanced and pleasurable online poker experience. Cake Poker online is constantly bringing new features to the marketplace that allows the players to get even more back in return.

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The Cake Poker online mission started in 2004 when a team of dedicated poker players began with an idea to build the best poker site online. Each team member came from a different background, and they knew if they put their knowledge together the whole could become greater than the sum of the parts. There were some member with an online background in video design, some of the Cake team had strengths in networking, and some others were proficient in database management. Together all this experience would help them to establish a strong foundation for Cake Poker online.

The Cake Poker online team forged ahead and their plans began to come to light in 2006. Cake Poker was launched, and the online poker community was amazed by what the team was able to achieve. With innovative promotions, a great Cake Poker bonus code, and outstanding support Cake Poker was able establish itself as top tier site quickly than even they had dreamed of.

To this day, the team at Cake Poker strives to make it the number one destination of poker players online. With countless games, endless tournaments, and great Cake Poker promotions the team appears that it is well on its way of achieving this goal. The Cake Poker online team will do everything that they can to make your experience with them a pleasurable one, and they wish you good luck at the tables.

Please check out our Cake Poker promotions page and our Cake Poker Review page for more information about this popular poker website.
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